Via Orlando

Via Orlando

Let me introduce you to a song. It’s called Via Orlando. I discovered it on the radio in one of my cabs.  South Africa has plenty of good alternative, indie, punk-rock, folk, ska, jazz, etc artists – so do not let this form your view of South African music. However, besides other Top-40 songs from American radio, this type of beat is the common club and radio sound. I’m sharing it with you more because of the references to South African pop culture. See below!

0:27-0:32: The knit beanie.
0:35: Orlando stadium, where the Joburg Kaiser Chiefs (soccer team) play. In Soweto.
1:23, and recurring throughout: Braaing. Rhymes with crying. South African form of barbequing, heavy emphasis on the social activity. People actually do do this every weekend. Everyone has a braai (can be portable, similar to a grill), many houses (including mine) have a stone/cement/brick braai facility built in to the property somehow, parks and recreation areas are commonly equipped with braai facilities.
1:36: Boerewors. The predominant style of sausage.
1:43: Orlando Towers, the mural-coated, retired cooling towers in Soweto from which one can bungee jump, which I have done.
1:59: Pap, or mielepap, is a white, mashed-potato-looking meal base made of corn that often accompanies braai meats.
2:22: A very accurate representation of how I dance. This particular series of moves represents a styleI picked up from a beloved friend whilst abroad in Europe.
2:29: A cooler full of Castle Lights. An advertisement appears later in the video for the same beer. This was my staple beer for a  few weeks until I discovered Black Label, the grittier beer, and thrived off the attention of being the woman who drinks (and likes) Black Label. Also, why wouldn’t I just buy the cheapest beer on the menu??



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